Monday, September 27, 2010

my esthetician, my therapist

I cannot believe it has been so long since I was on here swearing to update this blog soon. I can't believe how much has happened since then either.

I went to see my waxer today, and my waxer is like my therapist, only probably more expensive. She always asks me about my life and I always spill my guts to her without thinking twice as if that is the perfectly normal thing to do; she knows more about my personal life than a lot of my friends do. She asked about my vacation and I told her (in a few sentences) how everything went. I told her about the guy who blew me off and the new guy I met who I thought I'd never see after those two weeks we spent together and how he's just said he wants to come visit me in Oregon. I was sure to add that I didn't see that going anywhere because he's not what I need - he is too wild, too short, with too much baggage. And she said to me, as if it were nothing, "we can't help who we fall in love with."

I never said anything about love, but somehow the matter-of-fact way she spoke those words is just sticking with me... can we really not help it? If we can't, then is there some sort of override button for those times when we fall in love with someone we shouldn't? There should be.

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Anonymous said...

You definitely cannot help who you fall in love with. Hoping for the best for you & anyone you choose. :) And I can't wait for another law school update! When is your LSAT?