Tuesday, April 17, 2012

jeep break in

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Apparently someone decided that breaking into my Jeep would be a nice thrill for them. My lovely boyfriend has been using my Jeep to get to work lately since his is out of commission for a bit and called me from in front of the house this afternoon: 

"Did you get in the jeep earlier?"

"No...why?" I am thinking what an odd question this is, obviously. 

"Because I think someone broke in. You'd better come out here." Click. 

What the...? So I, still in sweats after 4pm because I am classy like that, run outside and discover that yes, someone has indeed broken into my jeep. The contents of my glove compartment are strewn all about the passenger seat and floor, but everything else looks fine to me. My boyfriend notices that the GPS is missing and a tiny voice in my head thinks "yay!" because I've been wanting to get a new one, but I feel bad because I am pretty sure he uses that thing for work. They even left the charger cord plugged into the cigarette lighter. Both of our jackets were still in the car, along with my CDs, stereo, and presumably all the boring paperwork I store in the glove box. It didn't even seem like they looked through the center console, which I would have done since there has been no lid on it since I've owned my vehicle. But, I digress. 

I suppose I should have felt violated or something but I have to say I was only mildly annoyed at best. I don't lock my jeep when I park it for the night, or ever really, unless I have something of value in it that I can't take out and store elsewhere. When I am out shopping I'll lock it if I have shopping bags inside because I'm not trying to be completely irresponsible here or anything. Its just that my jeep is old. Like fifteen years old, old. It is not exactly a prime target for theft. Besides, I make it a point not to leave anything in there that I care about. I have known so many people who have locked their cars up tight, only to have a window busted so someone could steal their stereo faceplate or book of CDs. Not my idea of a good time. If you want to rifle through my empty Starbucks cups, pile of fast food napkins I am stockpiling in case of spilled Jamba Juice emergencies, and random pairs of flip flops, go right ahead thieves. Go right ahead.

However, my guy disagrees with my way of doing things. He insists that from now on my jeep will be locked up at night. I got a mini-lecture that I swear included the words "learned your lesson," but I still can't bring myself around to his way of thinking. Sure, I respect the validity of his opinion. I lock his jeep whenever I use it and I am totally okay with that. But my jeep is my jeep and I should be able to do things my way, right? Or not right? He thinks I am off my rocker and keeps telling me that all "normal" people lock their vehicles all the time. I find that hard to believe. So tell me--which side are you on? Any particular reason? I am curious about this one.

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Caitlin said...

I lock my vehicle when I drive it other places, but usually not at my house or family's houses... I'm on your side here--it mostly just means you get a new GPS. :)