Tuesday, November 20, 2012

bathroom sanctuary

Sometimes I feel like the bathroom is the only place where I can truly find peace and quiet in my day.

Sure there are times, especially lately, where I may forego the gossip magazine for a textbook or balance my laptop precariously on a half-open drawer to watch a presentation while I do my human duties. Still, more often than not, I catch up on Facebook via my cell phone or sneak my Kindle in with me to read a quick chapter of some chick lit without feeling guilty.

I think it is extra nice because most people don't want to bother you while you're in the bathroom. In fact, it kind of confuses me when my guy knocks on the door to have a conversation with me while I'm sitting on the toilet. Because if you think about it, who really wants to talk to someone when they are sitting on the john? I mean, is that how you would like to think of your significant other? There are some things better left private if you ask me. If I disappear for five or ten minutes behind a closed bathroom door, there is really no need to ask me what I am doing, is there? Whatever you have to say can wait until I'm done using the toilet, brushing my teeth, searching for grey hairs, or scrutinizing my skin under the harsh fluorescent vanity lights. Right? Right.

Is there anyone else that finds the bathroom to be some strange almost-sanctuary for them or is it just me?

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