Friday, December 7, 2012

fa la la la laughter

You know that urban legend about the car that drives behind you flashing their high beams all crazy-like that freaks you out so you plan evasive maneuvers and "escape" them only to find out that they were just trying to warn you about the psychopath hiding in your backseat? Well, I feel sorry for anyone that thinks they are going to hide in my backseat. Or my trunk (or whatever you call that area in the back of an SUV that is supposed to serve as a trunk but really isn't at all...). Why would I feel sorry for such a deranged human being, you ask? Because they'd have to listen to me sing all the way down the road!

I am such a shamelessly loud, terribly off-key, just plain embarrassing car singer. Its pretty much the only place I'll really sing because I'm that awful at it that I consider even singing in the shower to be somewhat rude. And I really do choose the worst music for someone who can't sing:

- Power ballads. Journey and Queen are my absolute favorites and if you know their songs at all, you know they are even difficult for those who know what they are doing.

- Country Pop. Hello Taylor Swift, I freaking love you. I will sing Tay-Tay allll day. I have also been known to crank up the volume for The Band Perry, because the female vocalists are the best. Which reminds me: Kacey Musgraves and her song Merry Go 'Round. Please watch, even if you don't really like country...I swear its not overly twangy and it is pretty darn catchy.

And finally...

-Christmas music. Partly because Christmas is awesome and partly because I know all the words to sooo many Christmas songs it just makes solo karaoke that much more fun. I love a good Christmas mix CD (yes, I still play CDs in my vehicle). This post is actually brought on by a CD of holiday songs my mom gave to me as I was leaving her house earlier...a lot of drivers on the freeway probably had a great laugh watching me rocking out while driving down the 10 tonight. You are welcome, people.

Do you sing in the car? Are you one of those lucky people blessed with a good singing voice that can sing anywhere you want? If so, I kind of hate you a little bit, just so you know.

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Caitlin said...

Oh, I am the world's worst offender! I sing all the time, pretty much everywhere. My grandma told me once when I was a kid that it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you're singing and she was right. If I'm in a funk, that's the first thing I'll do to pull myself out of it is break into song. I was once singing Lady Gaga in the shower at an (apparently) offensive volume and my apartment manager called me to say my neighbor had complained that I was too loud. Hahaha. I am not the worst singer; I can carry a bit of a tune, but I am definitely not "good." Sing on!